Baby Swings & Bouncers

Your baby needs toys and playthings not just for their entertainment but also for their mental and physical development. Baby swings & bouncers are excellent in this regard. Not only your baby, but you will also have great fun giving your child company when they are maneuvering these play items.

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    $2,369.99 $2,798.99 15% off
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    $408.71 $507.99 20% off
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    $29.99 $59.00 49% off
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  • Backyard Discovery Somerset Swing Set 65012 (65012)
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Your baby needs toys and playthings not just for their entertainment but also for their mental and physical development. Baby swings & bouncers are excellent in this regard. Not only your baby, but you will also have great fun giving your child company when they are maneuvering these play items.


What to look for in baby swings & bouncers?

Safe baby swing & bouncers

The baby swings bouncers and activity center you consider, should come with:

  • Safety restraints using which prevent your baby from falling. You can choose from three to five restraints.
  • A sturdy and wide structure that can easily accommodate your baby.
  • Low to the ground baby swings and bouncers for added protection from injury.

Baby swings & bouncers with useful features

The seat of the baby swing should come with a detachable swing seat that you can remove from the swing frame. You can then use it as a stationary seat. If it has a clip in seat, you can keep the seat stationary by clipping it. Your baby is prone to drooling when they have fun on baby swings & bouncers. Hence, you should look at a baby swing bouncer rocker that is easy to clean. A removable and machine washable cover or one that is coated with a waterproof material will be even more helpful. If you can adjust the reclining position of the seat, it is more comfortable for your baby. You may also find entertainment features like music players, toys and vibration to choose from.

The swinging motion in the baby swings & bouncers

There are baby swings & bouncers that come with an adjustable swing speed setting. With this you can speed up or slow down the swing or its back and forth movement as per your child’s comfort. Newborns need a gentle and slow motion, whereas older babies prefer a faster swing. You can have swings that move from side to side as opposed to more common front to back movement. Baby swings & bouncers that come with a timer can be considered as well.


How to choose your baby swing & bouncer according to your need?

Baby swing & bouncer for newborn

There are baby swings & bouncers that can be used for newborn babies till they are 6 months old. At first the baby will recline in a semi-upright position and stare up at the attached toys. After that, the bouncer responds to your kid's kicks and movement with a spring like action that would keep her/him entertained. Many swings & bouncers can be used till the baby weighs 25 pounds or she/he can sit up independently. When your baby is small, you would want to consider baby swings & bouncers with steady motion. You could opt for a steady rocking motion or a steady vibration like a car.

Baby swing & bouncer for grownup kids

For slightly larger babies you can go for swing & bouncers having unpredictable motion. For grownup kids you may consider outdoor swing for fun in the open. Nothing beats outdoor activity and you may want to look at a baby swing for outside areas. This is extremely important for their development.

Baby swing & bouncer for boys and girls

There are themed swings & bouncers available for boys and girls. A bright pink princess-themed baby swing or a car or truck bouncer would keep the kid mesmerized for long. You may consider baby swings cheap prices. Once your baby gets used to their swing and bouncer, you can then go for an upgrade by spending more money. But always ensure that safety and quality are not compromised.


What are the most popular baby swings & bouncers?

4Moms MamaRoo is an infant seat that simulates the rocking motion that babies enjoy in the arms of their mothers. It has five motion and speed patterns to completely entertain your baby.

Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony with Sound is attractively designed and offers the rocking motion of a pony. It is lightweight and can be easily dragged by your child from place to place.

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo is a portable play item that secures your baby on all sides as they walk and jump inside it. The bouncing motion is accommodated with sounds and lights.



The variety of baby swings & bouncers available across online stores is just mind numbing. Before you look to purchase, spend time on online catalogues to be able to make the precise purchase. If you are looking to save money on these items, nothing beats shopping online for these playthings.

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