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  • iBaby M2 Pro 720P Wi-Fi Digital Video Day & Night Baby Monitor
  • Motorola MBP33
  • Motorola MBP36
  • Motorola Digital Audio Baby Travel Monitor, MBP 8, 1 Pack (10N7614)
  • 2x Pack - Motorola MBP36 Battery - Replacement for Motorola MBP33, MBP36 Baby Monitor Battery (700mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH) (MT-MBP33-2BATT-DL4)
  • Dreambaby Mini Multi-Purpose Latches (Pack Of 5, Transparent) (F714)
  • Summer Infant Extra Camera for Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Digital Video Monitor, 1-Pack (28310)
  • Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine Connected Sound and Light Projector with Audio Monitoring (MBP85SN)
  • Motorola Smart Nursery Cam Portable Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Camera (MBP87CNCT)
  • Infant Optics DXR-8 Add-on Camera (Not Compatible with DXR-8 PRO) (DXR8AC)
  • Vusee - The Universal Baby Monitor Shelf - White (VUS)
  • Graco BATT-2795 Battery - Replacement for Graco BATT-2795 Baby Monitor Battery (700mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH) (MT-MBP33-DL7)
  • Graco iMonitor vibe Battery - Replacement for Graco BATT-2795 Baby Monitor Battery (700mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH) (MT-MBP33-DL12)
  • 2 Pack - MBP33 Battery Replacement (700mAh, 3.6v, NiMH) for Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor Compatible with - Motorola MBP36, Motorola MBP33, Graco iMonitor vibe, Motorola MBP36PU, Graco vibe (MT-MBP33-2BATT)
  • Motorola MBP48 Digital Video Audio Baby Monitor with 5" Color Screen (MBP48)
  • Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor Pan/Tilt/Zoom 5” Color Screen with Portable Rechargeable Camera (MBP36XL)
  • Munchkin Quiet Portable Sleep Machine (Shhh), White, Small (16047)
  • Graco 2796VIB1 Battery - Replacement for Graco BATT-2795 Baby Monitor Battery (700mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH) (MT-MBP33-DL15)
  • 2x Pack - Graco BATT-2795 Battery - Replacement for Graco BATT-2795 Baby Monitor Battery (700mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH) (MT-MBP33-2BATT-DL7)
  • Lollipop Sensor - For Lollipop Baby Monitor (Grey) (43224-4401)
  • Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker/Smart Jewelry, Silver Edition (HT-10LF-SL-01)

Buying guide

Introduction to baby monitors

Baby monitors are electronic devices that have been particularly designed for parents to ensure the complete safety of the infants and toddlers. With the aid of baby monitor you can keep a check over your baby even when you are not in the same room and busy with your own household chore or any other task. This is possible because the baby monitors are featured with sensors that can capture the audio and the video of your baby and send it to you on a real time basis. This is a one way baby monitor that sends the feedbacks to the receiver. There are several such baby monitors that can function in two ways that allow you to interact with your baby.

Best safety measure

Baby monitors are the new technological innovation that proves to be extremely beneficial for the parents to keep a constant check and vigil on their babies. A baby monitor features a transmitter and a receiver unit. The transmitter is placed near the infant or toddler, whereas the receiver unit is kept by the parents. It employs the simplex unidirectional radio transmitter technology with the frequency ranging from 49MHz to 50MHz. There are few high end baby monitor models that can deliver the frequency as high as 900MHz. Baby monitors are also often referred as the baby alarms. Baby monitors of the 21st century are wireless, which means you don't have to tackle with the hassles of the cords and wires attached to it.


Choosing the right baby monitor


There is a wide variety of baby monitors available in the market. A baby monitors not only guarantees the monitoring and protection of your kid, but also ensures that the little one is absolutely safe. Before you make your final decision of purchasing a baby monitor you must have the knowledge that there are three types of baby monitors available in the market today. The audio baby monitors are perhaps one of the most popular types primarily because of the affordable price rate. The audio monitor consists of a transmitter (kept in the baby's room) and a receiver (kept with the parent). The second variation is the audio and movement baby transmitter. It features an extra padded transmitter that is kept under the baby mattress enabling you to keep an eye over your baby's movement and breathing. Finally the third type is the audio cum video monitors that are available in the market today in abundance. It consists of audio transmitters as well as the camera that allows you to see your baby while you are in another room executing your own task. The receiver in this case of audio video monitor is a small video television.


It goes without saying that the audio-video baby monitors are quite costly devices and parents need to put major thought on whether they actually need one before spending their money. The majority of parents go for the audio baby monitors because they are budget friendly while still being effective devices. Depending upon your requirements and financial conditions, you can buy any one of the baby monitors, and keep track of your baby and his safety and protection.

Brand Value

There are different brands and models of baby monitors accessible these days. It is always recommended to get the top notch quality product to ensure the precise and accurate results. If you are a first time baby monitor buyer, there are certain factors that must be considered before investing. It is always advisable to use the wireless baby monitors because it gives you the freedom and the mobility to use it even when you are outside your house. Depending on the range specified by the particular device you can monitor the activities of your baby in variable locations. Furthermore, the size of the baby monitor should be always small and compact so that you can easily tie or clip it on your belts. Usually the audio video baby monitors are heavy. When you buy a baby monitor irrespective of the type you have to be very particular with the safety standards and norms of the device to ensure 100% safety to your child. You should also keep in mind that rechargeable battery baby monitors are smart investments.


Keeping these factors in mind, purchasing a quality baby monitor becomes an easy and hassle free task. You will come across different types of baby monitors in the market claiming to render the best services and functions. It will be a smart move from your end to always check the operation of the monitor in the stores before you buy it. This actually gives you the indication whether it actually works or not. Don't go solely by the advertisements of the products. You must compare the features, functions, quality and the price rates of different models and brands of the baby monitors before investing money and purchasing one particular product. Get a quality baby monitor and always be sure of your infant's safety and protection.

Newest Products

  • iBaby M2 Pro 720P Wi-Fi Digital Video Day & Night Baby Monitor
  • Motorola MBP36
  • Motorola MBP33
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  • Nanit Multi-Stand
  • Project Nursery Smart Sound Soother with Multi-Coloured Night Light
  • Vtech VM981 Wi-Fi HD Video Baby Monitor
  • Vtech VM5251 Full Colour Video and Audio Baby Monitor
  • Vtech VM4261 Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor
  • Vtech DM1211 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor
  • Vtech DM1211-2 2 Parent Unit Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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