Antique Jewellery Displays and Boxes

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  • Powell Masterpiece Antique Parchment Hand Painted Jewellery Armoire 582-314 (582-314)
    $589.99 $992.99 41% off
  • Astoria Grand Coolidge Miriam Jewellery Armoire with Mirror ASTG2512 (ASTG2512 28392765)
    $533.99 $668.99 20% off
  • Everly Quinn Eye Catching Metal Jewellery Stand EYQN1203 (EYQN1203 38674482)
  • Ikee Design Deluxe Watch Display Case TWB3920 (TWB3920)
  • Ikee Design Luxury Lockable Leatherette Jewellery Box JB1493 (JB1493)
  • Tripar Metal Bracelet Stand 43053 (43053)
  • Dacasso 1000 Series Classic Leather Travel Accessory Box A1088 (A1088)
    $41.99 $55.99 25% off
  • A&J Homes Studio Lief Free Standing Jewellery Armoire with Mirror ZD-97WF2A0J2WHT (ZD-97WF2A0J2WHT)
    $729.99 $916.99 20% off
  • A&J Homes Studio Otis Free Standing Jewellery Armoire with Mirror ZD-97WF2A0J4WHT (ZD-97WF2A0J4WHT)
    $1,089.99 $1,317.99 17% off
  • A&J Homes Studio Leven Free Standing Jewellery Armoire with Mirror ZD-97WF2A2J0WHT (ZD-97WF2A2J0WHT)
    $1,229.99 $1,520.99 19% off
  • Novica Balinese Wood Jewellery Stand 268884 (268884)
    $59.99 $69.99 14% off
  • AA Importing Tabletop Round Display Case 36701 (36701)
    $109.99 $119.99 8% off
  • Powell Porter Valley Jewellery Armoire with Mirror 277-314 (277-314)
    $949.99 $1,221.99 22% off
  • Wildon Home ® Davida Shabby Elegance Wall Mounted Jewellery Armoire with Mirror UT3808 (UT3808 19283946)
  • Varick Gallery Jewellery Box VRKG2444 (VRKG2444 38674074)
  • American Woodcrafters Newport Jewellery Box 3710-129 (3710-129)
    $589.99 $639.99 8% off
  • World Menagerie Migues Jewellery Armoire with Mirror WDMG1704 Finish: Antique Gold Leaf Lacquer (WDMG1704 27552004)
  • Mother of Pearl Phoenix Design Lacquered Black Wooden Asian Handcrafted Secret Mirrored Jewelry Trinket Keepsake Treasure Box Watch Ring Case Chest Organizer
  • Willa Arlo Interiors Hampstead Jewellery Armoire with Flip Top Mirror WRLO6784 Finish: Antique Silver (WRLO6784 40762826)
  • Astoria Grand Alvordton Jewellery Armoire ATGD4804 (ATGD4804 39555059)
    $399.99 $507.99 21% off
  • Birch Lane Meyer Jewellery Box BL4276 (11535T24)
    $164.99 $175.99 6% off

Buying guide

Choosing Your Jewellery Box & Display


Thinking of buying a jewellery box and a display for your precious jewels? This is what you need to know!

Jewellery boxes and display prices range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. With so many varieties of jewellery boxes to choose from, as a buyer you should try as much as possible to optimize your choice.

You should research what is available in the market before committing to buy any jewellery box and display. This will help you find exactly what you want with less effort, be it an affordable plastic box for displaying a simple jewel or an elaborate fine antique piece.


jewelry display

 What to Consider When Purchasing Jewellery Box & Display


Before committing to purchase any jewellery box or display, keep the following in mind:


Size of the jewellery


Jewellery boxes come in all colors, sizes, shapes and designs. First, define the size of your jewel to be stored or displayed before buying a jewellery box and display. If it is a big jewel, consider purchasing jewellery armoire for storing it, or get acrylic displays if you need to display your big jewel. For small jewels like earrings and necklaces, utility tray display or wire displays can work well for you.


Ease of use

Your display should not take up much of your time as much as possible. Look for a display that is easy to use and can be easily loaded up with items in less than 15 minutes. If it is too complicated to use, it might take up too much of your time that should be used to do other important things for your business.


Visibility of your jewellery

When purchasing a display, it is important to consider how your jewellery will appear with your chosen rack display. Ensure that the display is attractive and emphasizes your product`s appearance.



Try as much as possible to get a jewellery box and display that can last for at least five years. For this reason, it is important to invest in high quality necklace or earring displays that will be suited to your business especially during tradeshows and craft fairs. Consider purchasing a wire display or acrylic displays.


The space in your jewellery store


Make sure your jewellery display won’t take more space than necessary. Choose the right item that will not look too big or out of place in your jewellery store. It’s important that it also coordinates well with the rest of your establishment and won’t look awkward against your other items.


Types of jewellery boxes and displays


jewelry armoireJewellery boxes


Before committing to purchase any jewellery box, you should define the right jewellery box to meet your needs. Keep in mind that some boxes are made to be hung on the wall while others can be kept on a shelf. Some of the boxes are portable and others are not portable.  Below are the most common jewellery boxes available in the market.


Jewelry Armoire


These are for large jewellery. Jewellery armoire is similar to clothing armoire. They are over 4feet high and have several storage drawers.  They also have cabinets with hooks and a mirror. Jewellery armoire can stand alone or sit on a dresser.

Travel case


This is a small piece of baggage designed to hold jewellery and other small accessories. It is also known as a train case.


Jewelry wall boxes


These jewellery boxes hung on the wall like medicine cabinets. They have a large mirror on the door which allows you to view the appearance of your jewels.  Jewellery wall boxes have hooks on the door where you can hang necklaces. It also has shelves where you can store other items.


Jewellery roll

Jewellery roll consists of a long pouch that lies flat on the surface when open.  The pouch contains pockets for jewellery.


Jewellery displays

Jewellery display comes in assortments such as shapes, sizes and styles depending on the type of jewellery to be displayed. Below are some of the most common jewellery displays available in the market.


Acrylic displays

These are affordable types of displays. They are available as earring displays, hook rotators, and watch displays.


Utility trays

These trays have lids.  They are used to showcase precious rings and earring to customers.


Wire displays

These jewellery displays come in various shapes like music notes. Such items are chosen by jewelers who want to appear unique and more professional. Revolving earring displays and metal earring racks are quite popular.


Trunks and bag displays

 This jewellery display might be a tricky one to use since the idea must be focused on jewellery being displayed and not on the displayer or trunk. To play it safe, be sure that the jewels or items must be in harmony with the bags or trunks or even much contrast on the side of the jewels so that the client’s attention will not be divided.

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