Alienbees Lighting

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  • Pocketwizard Alienbees Nikon Adapter (PWAC9N)
  • Pocketwizard Alienbees Canon Adapter (PWAC9C)
  • Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox, 60-Inch with Speedring for Alien Bees Strobe Light (SBX-Stnd-AlienBees-60in)
    $110.87 $111.11
  • Fotodiox 10SBXBLC70OT Fotodiox Pro Octagon Softbox 70-Inch with Speedring for Balcar, White Lightning, Lighting, X800, X1600, X3200 Strobe Flash Light, Octbox, Speed Ring, SoftBox-Black (SBX-Stnd-AlienBees-70in)
    $128.58 $129.62
  • Sekonic L-478Dr Litemaster PRO (L478DR)