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Yamaha - Keyboard Portable Yamaha PSRE343

Yamaha - Keyboard Portable Yamaha PSRE343
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With a stunning variety of voices and styles, the PSR-E343 opens the door to a world of musical enjoyment. Hone your technique with the onboard lessons, then when you're ready, connect to a portable music player and use the unique Melody Suppressor function to jump in and play right along. Aux line input and Melody Supressor Yamaha's unique Melody Suppressor function suppresses the melody line in your favorite songs so that you can play along. Just connect any device with a line output, such as a mobile device, a computer, a mixer, or even another keyboard, to the AUX-in port and hear yourself play along with your favorite artists. You can even use the AUX-in port to simply enjoy playback from your audio device. "Y.E.S" and "Keys to Success" Lesson Functions Practice at your individual level with the Yamaha Education Suite lesson functions. Now, the playback of the selected song is continuously adjusted to the tempo of the player's performance. "Keys to Success" allows you to practice preset songs, using more advanced lesson functions. Step by step, you can practice single parts of the selected song. You can even practice playing the correct notes, and the timing of these notes separately. Comection with iPhone Extend and enhance your keyboard experience by connecting to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Requires optional accessory, i-UX1. Master EQ You can optmize the overall sound with different EQ settings on the instrument. Tailor the overall output for optimal sound in different listening situations. Specifications Size/Weight - Width: 945mm(37-3/16) - Height: 121mm(4-3/4) - Depth: 368mm(14-1/2) - Weight: 4.4kg Control Interface Keyboard - Number of Keys: 61 - Touch Response: Yes Display - Type: Custom LCD - Backlight: Yes - Language: English Panel Language: English Voices Tone Generating Technology: AWM Stereo Sampling Number of Polyphony (Max.): 32 Number of Preset Voices: 550 Compatibility - GM: Yes - XGlite: Yes Effects Types - Reverb: Yes - Chorus: Yes - Master EQ: