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Valentine One (Valentine-One)

Valentine One (Valentine-One)

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Category: Car Security, Safety & Convenience:Radar Detectors & Accessories:Radar Detectors

Product Features: The most advanced radar detector with full band coverage Exclusive computer modes for All-Bogeys, Logic, and Advanced Logic Provides protections and detection against all bands of radar Pop protection and laser recognition Front and rear sensor tracks threats on all sides of the vehicle Includes all the mounting hardware, including a visor mount Continuous upgrades and updates al ... View more ow the Valentine One to virtually never become obsolete Optional accessories sold separately: Compatible mounts: For vehicles with cylindrical shaped stems For vehicles with cylindrical shaped stems For vehicles with cylindrical shaped stems For Corvette C6 For Corvette C6 For Hyundai Accent For vehicles with 0.7in-0.9in diameter cylindrical stems For vehicles with 1'' long and 1.5in top diameter For vehicles with 1.1in diameter cylindrical stems For Honda S2000 w/ graduated cone shaped stem and vehicles w/ inchilli-pepperin style stems For vehicles with 0.75in-0.9in diame ... View less

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