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Reed's - Candy Chews Ginger - 9 Chew(s)

Reed's - Candy Chews Ginger - 9 Chew(s)
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    • Reed's - Candy Chews Ginger - 9 Chew(s)
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Reed's Candy Chews Ginger -9 Chew(s) Reed'sCandyChews Gingerare delicious individually wrapped chewy ginger candy, this treasured treat isfrom Indonesia and ismade naturally from a popular recipe generations old. Ginger Chews contains real ginger root and come in as an attractively wrapped candy that makes your mouth crave another refreshing bite! Reed's Ginger Products Reed's passion for ginger comes from ginger's incredible flavor and healthy properties. Reed's Ginger Products come in ginger ales/beers(NA), candies and ice creams. The six ginger ale/beer flavors are: Original Ginger Brew, Extra Ginger Brew, Premium Ginger Brew, Raspberry Ginger Brew, Cherry Ginger Brew and Spiced Apple Brew. These award winning, top selling beverages are found internationally in gourmet and natural food stores. Reed's love for ginger has expanded to creating some of the finest candy and ice creams ever. The ice cream flavors include Original Ginger, Chocolate Ginger, and Green Tea Ginger. The candies are in the crystallized ginger, original and chocolate covered, and chewy ginger, original and peanut butter ginger flavors About Ginger Ginger has long been regarded as an essential remedy in the East, but recently Western medicine has been embracing the health benefits of ginger too. While there is not yet published research on Reed's products, some traditional herbal health values associated with fresh or brewed ginger include headache relief, improved digestion, cardiovascular protection, relief of stomach upset, greater energy, menstrual relief, morning sickness, greater sperm motility, ulcer and arthritis aid, cancer protection, and more. Pamela Miller, D. Ac., D.Hom.,Reed's local expert in Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture, recommends Reed's to many of her patients who have morning sickness or complain of headache with nauseousness. She also suggests it to parents and other patients who are looking for an alternative to commercial sodas.