Retrouvez Norton 360 2014 DOWNLOAD ONLY for 1 PC (21298229-dl) sur Shopbot Quebec

Norton 360 2014 DOWNLOAD ONLY for 1 PC (21298229-dl)

Norton 360 2014 DOWNLOAD ONLY for 1 PC (21298229-dl)
  • Category: AntiVirus & Firewall- Security
  • Price: $24.75
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Norton 360 2014 This product is delivered via email to your provided email address during normal weekday business hours. We will send you the download link, as well as the product key or serial number. Orders placed after our weekday cutoff of 3:00 pm Mountain Time, on weekends, or on holidays will be fulfilled via email the following business day. Business Hours: M-F 9am-5pm (MST) Norton 360 delivers our most comprehensive antivirus and Internet protection. An exclusive mix of technologies identifies threats, outsmarts thieves, automatically backs up important files and treasured memories, and restores PCs to maximum horsepower. Actively Protects Against Viruses, Spam, Identity Theft, and Social Media Dangers Insight identifies which files and applications are safe and which are dangerous, using the combined feedback of more than 175 million Norton users. Norton Community Watch tracks virtually every file on the Internet for comprehensive global threat monitoring. SONAR Behavioral Protection detects the signs that a file is dangerous to proactively protect you from never-before-seen threats. Spam Blocking keeps your mailbox free of unwanted, dangerous, and fraudulent emails. Internet Protection System scours websites and social networking sites for suspicious links and content to identify the latest social networking scams. Download Insight and IP Address Insight prevent you from downloading files from websites that have a low reputation score within the Norton user community. Live 24x7 Threat Monitoring is backed by a network of Norton users who serve as your own personal Neighborhood Watch group. Scam Insight reviews a website's reputation and lets you know if it's safe to enter your personal information. Anti-Phishing Technology blocks fraudulent "phishing" sites set up to steal your personal information. Identity Safe remembers, secures, and automatically enters your usernames and passwords for you, so they can't be lost or stolen. Parental Control feature hel