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Sorel Winter Carnival Women's

Sorel Winter Carnival Women's

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    • Sorel Women's WINTER CARNIVAL black winter boots (NL1495-011)

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    • Sorel Winter Carnival Women's Winter Boots

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    • Sorel Winter Carnival Pewt 5 Medium (SORWINTERC05-116747)

      Where comfort and style meet
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  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Warm, Stylish, Waterproof parts
    • The bad:
      Can take a few days to fit large feet perfectly

    Do you feel winter around the corner or are you travelling to a snowy country? I think you may need a pair of the Sorel Winter Carnival Women's boots. Of course when this season knocks, all we have to worry about is how dry and warm we should stay. Well, a lot of people really do well with the clothes but when it comes to shoes, they should know the tricks to find top quality boots that will keep them in good health all winter long. After a thorough research, I realized that this women’s boot is a must have during winter. A fair number of customers who already used the boots recorded positive results. Before we go into user reviews, let’s have look at the features of the boots.

    The Sorel Winter Carnival Women's boots feature the typical Sorel look but offer comfort and warmth during winter. During winter, you should be able to make every move you want without being hampered by the winter. All you need is the Sorel Winter Carnival Women's boot. Despite the tough materials used to make them, they are still light enough to move around with. Most users mentioned that they used them in extreme conditions and that the boot stayed in good shape even in high humidity conditions!

    The Sorel Winter Carnival Women's can be termed as high performance boots, especially when it comes to protecting your feet from water and cold. The guys at Sorel used vulcanized rubber (which is also known to be waterproof) to coat the boot in order to avoid any leakages. To even make sure nothing like water get’s in the way when you are out having fun, they added a waterproof membrane which should keep away any slush or snow. They offer you the chance to adjust the removable fell liner which is about 6mm. Moreover, they added the Sherpa pile cuff which is responsible for better comfort.

    The Sorel Winter Carnival Women's boot can be used in areas with a slow as -32 degrees Celsius. The boots are easy to match with your everyday clothes and also have that not- so casual feel. They are perfect for winter romps with pets, going to work or even having a drink after working hours.

    According to user reviews, most people mentioned that the boots are comfortable and warm except in a very few situations. The most reported issue was the feel of rubber on the inside. Some users said that they experienced pain due to the hard ridge rubber on the inside. It is a small problem that mainly affects large feet, and which is improving as the boot is worn. If you have such a feeling, it’s good to do a test so you can discover whether you should buy this model or another. Once your choice done, you should shop on the internet because prices can be widely different from one online store to another. I think the boots are a worthy purchase as they are well priced. An anonymous user who recorded positive results with the boots suggests that you should look for boots that are bigger than your size so that you are comfortable.