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Samsung UN55FH6030

Samsung UN55FH6030

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    • Samsung 55 Class LED 3D HDTV - 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 120Hz, 2x HDMI (Open Box) UN55FH6030

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  • 4 / 5
    • The good:
      Rich and accurate colors; Customizable motion processing; Sharp detail of images
    • The bad:
      Poor off-axis viewing; Paltry black levels

    Smart TVs are no doubt an alluring means of getting a streaming fix. The 46-inch Samsung UN55FH6030 lacks smart functionality, but offers 1080p resolution, 3D capability and 120Hz refresh rate among other thrilling features unavailable in regular flat screen TVs.


    The LED TV exhibits a relatively svelte bezel round about an all-black frame. This stand consists of two-piece platform mount that does not swivel and is significantly lightweight, weighing in at just below 25 lbs. The television appears to float somewhat out of box upon removal. Models of upper class are somewhat heavier as they mostly comprises of internal components and panels of higher quality. The 3.8-inch width of this television set ranks as among the thickest present within the market, providing some additional space for a backlit LED display. A slim collection of accessories is found in-box, which includes small instruction manual, power cable, remote control and other promotional material. No 3D glasses are included, however, in spite of Samsung employing active-shutter 3D that requires more expensive glass components.


    Samsung UN55FH6030 employs barebones theme, with back-panel revealing a light inputs selection that includes 2 HDMI, USB port, Composite/Component hybrid as well as Coaxial cable input. TV audio outs include Optical digital output and 3.5mm output. The UN55FH6030 from Samsung is equipped with simple, intuitive interface. You can set up the TV incredibly fast and conveniently navigate through system options functionality. Novice users should easily appreciate the concise explanation Samsung gives for each setting while attempting to adjust sound, picture, system setup and other applications.


    The remote has been designed ergonomically and comes equipped with quick and accessible keys for all basic functions, including menu, source and 3D. The large channel and volume keys stand out being color-coded, with illuminated display giving an operational edge to the remote when compared with similar offerings of such level. On-board TV control is just as simple, with a small joystick being tucked under right panel for activating display window on-screen for navigating basic functions.


    Clear Motion processing is probably the feature most notable on the UN55FH6030, allowing for impressive control level. Auto Motion Plus setting offers three basic defaults of Standard, Smooth and Clear. Custom setting delivers more hands-on approach via 10-point scale control function for Blur and Judder reduction. This Samsung television brings to users four primary modes of picture, among them Standard, Movie, Natural and Dynamic. Movie mode is impressively accurate, even while working on basic adjustments only. Motion-handling is superb for the UN55FH6030 and no judder or blurring gets visible when watching different live action for instance.


    The brilliant 3DTV also provides convincing dimension plus excellent depth too. The internal processing of this Samsung television creates good quality of picture, though users only get to experience this in only the front and center location within the house. Samsung UN55FH6030 is fantastic in audio performance, although this might appear snappy at first. You can calm down treble in order to attain a balance that is relatively fulfilling overall.