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Samsung UN55F8000

Samsung UN55F8000

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    • Samsung UN55F8000 55-inch 3D LED TV--NEW

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  • 4.5 / 5
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      smart TV capabilities, high quality images, 3D features
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      quite expensive

    The Samsung UN55F8000 is another model among the 2013 Samsung’s F8000 series. This LCD TV is among the best that Samsung has ever produced. The TV is made of all the modern and best TV technology.


    It has very many great features and some of the older features that were omitted in last year’s Samsung’s TV series. This have been carefully and well-engineered to produce some very high quality performance. First of all, the general appearance of this TV set is something that is worth mentioning. The Samsung UN55F8000 is a 55 inch LCD TV that looks amazing. The TV is ultra-slim and comes with a stand so that you can place it on top of a table or something of the sort. Nonetheless, you can decide to do away with the stand and fix the TV on your wall. This offers even a more exciting experience. Nonetheless, the Samsung UN55F8000 looks great and you would be impressed with it.


    The build quality is excellent and just like any other Samsung TV; the Samsung UN55F8000 is very stylish. Apart from the sleek and very attractive design, other components of the Samsung UN55F8000 are such like the four HDMI ports on the input panel. Other ports on the input panel include a composite mini-jack, an AV input as well as an RF input. When it comes to internet connection features, there is an Ethernet port for connecting to a wired connection. There are also three USB ports which can be used for a number of tasks. These USB ports can be for media play back or even connecting to other external hardware such as the keyboard and mouse.


    For wireless connection there is a built-in Bluetooth which can be used to connect to other Bluetooth devices or even connect to a keyboard wirelessly. Apart from this you can also use Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet as well as other wireless connections. Another amazing feature of the Samsung UN55F8000 is the integrated camera that pops up at the top centre panel of the TV. This is a great advantage over its competitors as there aren’t many LCD TVs with cameras. This brings about a whole new and exciting experience when using this TV. The TV also supports the Samsung’s Evolution Kit. With this, you can upgrade your TV at any time through the expansion slot. This way you will also be able to come in touch with the latest and most sophisticated technology.


    The Samsung UN55F8000 TV has all the smart TV features. Furthermore you can be able to control your TV using your smartphone or even Tablet. What you need to do is to download the necessary app and install it on your phone. Performance wise; the Samsung UN55F8000 is great. This LCD TV uses a quad-core processor as well as supporting 3D features. The TV comes with four pairs of 3D glasses for you to enjoy 3D viewing. This is a great LCD TV that is worth your money.