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Samsung PN60F5500

Samsung PN60F5500

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    • Samsung PN60F5500

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  • 4 / 5
    • The good:
      Attractive design; Strong black levels; Smart TV features on Smart Hub are great
    • The bad:
      Picture quality decreases when in bright lighting; Side-viewing angles are distorted; Sound quality is not stellar

    For this product review, we will be looking at the Samsung PN60F5500. The PN60F5500 is Samsung's new 3D plasma television that comes in three sizes: 51 inches, 60 inches, and 64 inches. All of the sizes have 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. While this TV is great, it is important to keep in mind that it is a plasma, rather than an LCD or LED. This is because, depending on the lighting in the room, the screen can have a glare on it, which is not an issue with LCD or LED TVs.


    As long as the lighting in the room is decent, the picture quality of this TV will be excellent. The color, contrast, and black levels are all great. There are no issues with the colors being over-saturated as long as the TV is calibrated correctly. The 3D has also been improved upon in the PN60F5500 compared to Samsung's past 3D televisions. There is less cross talk and the corners look less blurry compared to older models. The active 3D glasses are also comfortable, which is a plus. The TV comes with 2 pairs of glasses.


    The PN60F5500 also comes with a variety of Smart TV features. There are all kinds of free apps to use, as well as apps that cost money. The TV has a dual core processor, which means that the apps run very smoothly. One of the most important apps in any Smart TV is the Internet browser. The Internet browser works smoothly and quickly and the remote is designed with the browser in min. The remote has a touch pad that can be used to scroll through web pages easily.


    There are many great things about the PN60F5500, but there some issues that need to be addressed. The sound quality is poor in comparison to similar TVs. Sometimes the background noise can overpower the dialogue, which can be distracting. The second major issue is only important for any gamers considering this TV. There is an amount of input lag--usually ranging between 70ms and 100ms--that could potentially cause problems for any hardcore gamers. This amount of input lag is what occurs even when the TV is put into Game Mode.


    Despite these issues, this Samsung 60 inches plasma Smart TV is still a good value. It has enough good features to make up for its shortcomings and it has a good price tag. The only people that would likely not want this TV are those who want a TV with great sound or less input lag.