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Saitek X52 Pro

Saitek X52 Pro

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    • Saitek X52 Flight Control System (PS28) - Once you know, you Newegg!
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    • Mad Catz Saitek X52 Flight Control System (PS28) - Windows XP

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    • Mad Catz, Inc Saitek X52 Flight Control System for PC (PS28)

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    The Saitek X52 Pro is a flight simulation game controller which offers a mechanism that is centering for precision. It is one of the best fully integrated controllers of stick and throttle that is widely sought after by the best virtual pilots in the entire world. The game controller now has an interactive Multi-function display that has been firstly introduced on the X52 Flight Controller when it was first launched. This allows users to display the games current status and the updates from the variety of games such as the Radio Stack.


    It also gives you the freedom to intermingle with other gamers interactively. This also provides a Software Development Kit, promoting the interactions and camaraderie between the gamers and their respective games. There are also those cool additions like the new metal parts that are absolutely responsible for the progression, durability and most of all uniqueness of each precision rendered by the stick and throttle which makes it even more resistant as you move it from the centre. The Saitek X52 is the revolutionized version of the predecessor X52 which has the doubled number of sensors that brings about an even more realistic gaming experience.


    The multiple POV hats on the joystick has also been retained along with the latest improvement which is the new button textures of the toggle switches. These ensure the increased spring tension of the joystick. The throttle, on the other hand, features a tension adjustment, 2 fire buttons, a scroll wheel with built-in buttons, a mouse controller, 2 x rotary controls, a smooth-action slider controls and a whole lot more. The thumb stick is now the acting mouse button, and the slider sensitivity has been essentially greater. The potentiometer of the throttle has also been immersed and replaced with a much more easily handled plastic ridge for a much lighter and ensured feel.


    Overall, the structure of the joystick haven’t changed that much, it has still retained its true colors. The only difference is that it has gained a whole lot more functionality which makes it truly a great value for the money. Most especially, for the aeronautically inclined enthusiasts who are looking for a real-time alternative to make their passion grow even fonder.