Panasonic ES-8243

Panasonic ES-8243

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    • Panasonic Shaver |ES8243A| Rechargeable, ARC 4-Blade, Wet/Dry, Auto-Voltage
    • Panasonic Shaver |ES8243A| Rechargeable, ARC 4-Blade, Wet/Dry, Auto-Voltage

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Panasonic ES-8243 Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Can Be Used Wet Or Dry, Easy To Clean, Close Shave
    • The bad:
      Short Battery Life
    The Panasonic ES-8243 is a Shaver that has been designed to effectively cut more of your beard with one stroke. The shaver head has been widened by 32 percent, enabling it to cover more area on your face with each pass. Equipped with a quadruple foil and four cutting blades, powered by the famous Panasonic's linear motor that is found in most newer model electric shavers, it operates at an amazingly fast rate so even the thickest beards are no match for this shaver. This shaver will reduce the amount of time it takes you to shave which will also result in the closest shave you have ever gotten with a shaver. It also has a wet/dry feature that allows it to be used for a quick dry shave, or with your favorite gel or foam.There are many features that make this electric shaver operate with superb performance, including a pivoting head, cordless operation, sonic vibration and a pop up trimmer for more detailed areas. The shaving performance of the Panasonic ES-8243 is great for an electric shaver. The linear motor, which moves back and forth at 13000 rpm is the secret to the shaver's effectiveness. It is simply faster than any other shaver on the market. Shaving is very close, although you might need a few passes to achieve best results. It can also be used for "wet" shaving, but it is a bit slow. It works fine, but you'll need plenty of time. A "fog free" mirror in the shower would be great for this. The cleaning mode on this shaver is simple, effective and ingenious. You just squirt some liquid soap (or even shampoo) onto the outer foil, hold down the "on" button for 2 seconds to engage the "turbo cleaning mode" and hold it under a running tap for 20 seconds. The result is a clean, fresh smelling shaver all the time. The shaver is not perfect however, the battery life is not fantastic. Panasonic claims a charge will last for 15 shaves ( at 3 minutes each). That might be true if you can shave in 3 minutes. I find that 5 minutes is about right for a close shave. You get about 7 shaves at this rate. This doesn't present a problem if you leave the shaver to charge when it is not in use. This is safe to do, and the battery cannot be overcharged (its a lithium-ion battery). To sum up, The Panasonic ES-8243 is a great shaver, definitely one of the best electric model around. It is the perfect shaver for anyone looking for a quick, comfortable and extremely close shave, wet or dry.