Kobo Sleep Cover Case for Mini

Kobo Sleep Cover Case for Mini

Kobo Sleep Cover Case for Mini Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Just right for 5-inch mini e-book readers; Attractive colors and stylish finishing; Easy access to all controls
    • The bad:
      Cannot be used for any e-book reader other than 5-inch Mini e-readers

    Are you an avid literate who always carries his Kobo mini e-book reader always around? Then you should probably keep your mini e-book reader safe by using a proper Sleep Cover Case from Kobo for Mini e-book readers to carry it around. It is a specialized product that definitely fits its role quite well.


    This sleep cover is manufactured by the company called Kobo and was designed by the company to carry the 5-inch sized e-book reader which was first introduced by the same company into the market in 2010. As a general rule, all e-book readers are equipped with wake and sleep features which can be used to turn it on when you want to read the e-book and put the e-book reader in a sleep mode when you do not want to read the e-book anymore. The Kobo cover makes use of the wake and sleep feature of the mini e-reader by turning it on automatically when you open the cover and puts it off the moment you close it. This helps you to avoid using the touch screen switch to put it on and off.


    The cover is made from faux leather and has a stylish finish which can be very attractive to anybody who sees it. The Kobo cover is perfect for your Kobo 5-inch mini e-reader and the rounded edges of the e-book reader can fit snugly into the cover. Due to this right fit, it may not be suitable for other models of Kobo e-book readers. The cover is available in three distinct and attractive colors – black, purple and red. The interior of the Kobo cover is made from fabric with stripes while the exterior of the cover is made from synthetic leather. The cover has a magnetic catch which keeps the cover closed when you are not using the e-book reader.


    The cutouts for accessing the port for inserting the charger, to use the on/off switch and for navigation are precise and in the proper place, which helps you avoid a lot of trouble in searching for them. A flap has been provided with the cover as an additional safety feature. This helps to keep your mini e-book reader from falling off accidentally when you are not using it for a long time or when you are moving around. The cover weighs only seven ounces and does not significantly add to the weight of the mini e-book reader.


    The basic advantage of the Sleep Cover Case made by Kobo for Mini e-book readers is that it is just the right protection for your otherwise delicate e-book reader. It offers you the convenience of reading the e-book whenever you want to while at the same time keeping the reader safe from any misuse, mishap or accident which can reduce the life of the e-book reader ultimately. 

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