Kobo Leather SleepCover for Aura HD

Kobo Leather SleepCover for Aura HD

Kobo Leather SleepCover for Aura HD Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      It is scratch-resistant and sturdy; Cover itself is quite durable; Lightweight; Convenient wake-up / sleep integration
    • The bad:
      Magnetic closing is prone to damage in some cases

    If you are looking for efficiency, style, and an appealing design, there can be no better option than the Kobo Leather Sleepcover for Aura HD. This particular Aura HD tablet has been specifically designed and manufactured for reading e-books or e-papers with the highest resolution possible, and this leather cover provides it with a stylish and practical way to extend its durability.


    The Aura HD is one such unit that has an amazing download capacity and tremendous storage capacity. The Kobo Leather Sleepcover for Aura HD is considered as one of the efficient products accessible in the market today that is not only helpful for reading textual information but is also useful for other purposes. You can adjust the font size of the texts and execute so many other different functions. Since this is a high quality and top notch unit the price rate or the cost is also tagged accordingly.


    The Kobo Leather SleepCover for Aura HD has been introduced with the main purpose of rendering a strong and sturdy protection cover to the device from all kinds of scratches, cracks and impairment to the tablet. Breaking of screen is a very common problem that people face with tablets these days and thereby it hampers their reading and execution of other tasks. In order to eliminate any such mishaps the Kobo Leather Sleepcover for Aura HD is the perfect product to consider. The leather look of the cover provides a vintage appeal that is very difficult to ignore. Similarly the leather case has been designed to give that very same feel to the readers and the reading enthusiasts. Kobo Leather SleepCover for Aura HD comes with a built-in wake-up / sleep mode open since the tablet tends to switch on/off automatically based on the closing and opening of the cover.


    This stylish utility cover helps in encompassing the entire body of the tablet while revealing only the volume and power button. As a result this amazing item remains completely secured within the leather cover. Moreover, it comes with an integrated magnetic closure due to which the cover stays shut when put inside the bag or purse or while being carried around in one's hands. The leather cover is light weight, durable and one does not have to worry about the tablet's safety since it stays tucked safely within the cover and is not exposed to harsh weather conditions or temperature (although to a smaller degree in this last case).

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