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Garmin Montana 650

Garmin Montana 650

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    • Garmin Montana 650 Waterproof Hiking GPS with 5 Megapixel Camera - Not Machine Specific (010-00924-01)

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  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Large Display, Waterproof, Many Features
    • The bad:
      Too Big , Camera Issues
    The Garmin Montana 650 is the ultimate GPS machine for use on the water, by road or by foot. It is fully compatible with car satnav-style mapping option, marine charts for out on the water and the usual GB Discoverer and other ranges for exploration by foot. The Garmin Montana 650 is about as close to an all in one GPS as you can get. Garmin took the best features from all types of GPS devices, and even digital cameras and put them all in a rugged package. It has a large 4 inch display with resolution images, whether you are looking at photos or the latest map you downloaded. To navigate through the menu options, just touch the screen. The touch screen will stand up to dust, water, and bumps along the trail. It is even waterproof. It can be submerged for up to half-an-hour but don’t try to use it under water. It also has a QWERTY keyboard that makes it easy to take notes and name your waypoints. The customization options are endless. You can program profiles that will change the options depending on the profile you choose. A really neat function is smart profiles. The Montana 650 also recognizes what mount it is placed in and will adjust to the last profile you used in that mount. For a car mount it will switch to your auto profile. A boat mount your marine profile. Garmin employs Hot Fix Satellite Prediction software in its GPS devices. Hot Fix tells the GPS where satellites should be in orbit. By knowing this, it greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to locate your position. The Montana 650 is also WAAS enabled which improves its accuracy a great deal. With its 5 megapixel camera, you can capture locations and memories from your adventures. The photos are automatically geotagged with the location where it was taken. This makes it possible to return to the exact location of a place you discovered during your adventures. When you return home you can connect to Garmin’s free BaseCamp software to show the locations of your photos on a map. You will also get 16 hours of use from the rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or 22 hours with 3 AA batteries. It includes an electronic compass, barometric altimeter, and has the ability to transfer data wirelessly to other compatible Garmin devices. The Garmin Montana 650 does have a couple of cons too. It is a little on the big side. It fits well in the hand when you are using it but it can be difficult to find a place to put it. And the camera isn’t quite there yet, if you want to take a picture of a sweeping landscape or even pretty flowers, you will probably be disappointed. But if you are looking to take a picture of a landmark so you can find it easier when you travel past it again then the camera will probably work for you. The Garmin Montana 650 leaves nothing to be desired, will do just about anything you want a handheld GPS to do.