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Dyson Hard DC57

Dyson Hard DC57

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    • Dyson DC57 Handheld Vacuum

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  • 4 / 5
    • The good:
      Root Cyclone technology, double edged cleaning head, wireless device
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      Rare overheating issues

    When it comes to vacuum cleaners, there are a few names in the business that are worth checking out, because they never fail to deliver. Although some might not consider the brand important, it’s actually the features a certain company like Dyson is able to bring into the lives of those that use their products. Cleaning is truly one of the most annoying chores that you are probably doing at home quite often, and we are pretty sure you’d love to have a better way to clean things up. A vacuum cleaner like the Dyson Hard DC57 seems to be an ideal solution for those that want to make the most out of such a device and clean the entire house in no time.


    All devices around us gain more and more features these days, and one stands above all the others: wireless capabilities. Phones, game controllers, headsets and now, vacuum cleaners can work without cables. Dyson Hard DC57 is the perfect example of a cleaner that does not require you to mind the cable at all times. Indeed, it’s truly annoying to constantly see how much cable do you still have left and if your vacuum cleaner is going to make it until the far corner of the room. You can forget such moments when you put the DC57 to work.


    The battery is based on the lithium-ion technology and one charge is enough to give you 15 minutes of cleaning time. Although it might not seem as much, it’s enough to see the vacuum cleaner in action to understand what it’s capable of. The 15 minutes of functioning are available if you rely on the constant suction mode, but if you have a really tricky job ahead, you can switch to the boost mode; you will only have 8 minutes to work, but you’ll do a great job in this time.


    The revolutionary digital motor V2 has been installed inside the Dyson Hard DC57 in order to make it more energy-efficient. Classic vacuum cleaner motors are extremely wasteful when it comes to energy, so the alternative of a motor that relies on a neodymium magnet to create a magnetic field, which in turns creates the vacuum, is a great choice if you care about the environment and you’d like to switch to greener technologies.


    The Dyson Hard DC57 vacuum cleaner comes with a cleaning head that has two edges: one will provide suction power, while the other will wipe clean the area that you’ve just vacuumed. This way, you can easily get rid not just of dust, but of grime, as well. The Root Cyclone technology has also been introduced in order to provide support for the constant suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Dirt goes directly into the bin of the DC57, so it doesn’t rest in a bag. This, in turn, means that your vacuum will not lose its power due to a full bag. This way, you can do your job in no time and fully enjoy the experience.