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Dell U2711

Dell U2711

  • Manufacturer: DELL
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    • Dell UltraSharp U2711 27-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

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  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      Wide viewing angle. high resolution screen, huge array of inputs
    • The bad:
      Expensive, no pivot option

    The U2711 is Dell's 27-inch monitor with IPS panel and an extremely high 2560x1440 pixel resolution. U2711 is the successor to 27-inch model 2709W but now Dell will be utilizing the IPS panel technology instead of the S-PVA, as well as incorporating a resolution close to that of 30-inch panels. U2711 uses the same panel as the new Apple 27-inch iMac.


    The Dell U2711 is a lot like a larger version of the U2410 – in fact, is larger than 3 inches, at least for the screen. The U2711 has a matt black chassis with a touch of gray light that passes through the center of the panel. The panel is 1.75 inches deep; however, the back of the screen – which houses the backlight, connection options and ventilation system – extends another 1.5 inches, which makes the depth of full-screen monitor to about 3.4 inches. The width of the panel measures 25.4 inches. The bezel measures 0.8 inches long everywhere.


    The rectangular foot stand measures about 12.5 inches wide by 7.8 inches deep. When knocked from the sides, U2711 wobbled more than the U2410. With the screen height at its lowest level, the distance from the bottom of the bevel to the desktop 1. 7 inches, and at its highest it is 5.1 inches. The panel swivels about 70 degrees left and right and tilts about 25 degrees. The panel can be unscrewed and mounted on the wall. Unfortunately, there is no portrait mode.


    On left side of the display are two USB ports and a card reader that supports multiple flash media types, including xD, Memory Stick/Memory StickPro, SD, and MultiMedia Card. Compact Flash is not supported, however.


    Five tiny unlabeled touch-sensitive function buttons and a power switch are located on the screen's right hand side. One of the buttons glows blue when you put your finger close to it and activates an on-screen labeling system when pressed, telling you exactly which buttons to use to enter and navigate your way through the OSD settings menus. This method provides a much simpler way to adjust settings than having to rely on poorly labeled buttons, and is actually easier to use than a keyboard and mouse.


    In addition to contrast and brightness settings, there are eight color presets, including Standard, Multimedia, Game, Warm, Cool, Adobe RGB, sRGB, and Custom. Advanced image settings such as hue, saturation, phase, clock, and black level offset are also available, and you can enable and tweak the PBP (picture by picture) settings for when you want to view images from two different sources.


    At the rear of the monitor are HDMI and DisplayPort connections, two DVI ports, a VGA port, component video ports, and a composite video port. There are also three additional USB ports, one of which is an upstream (PC) connection. Three audio outputs allow you to connect to an external multi-channel speaker system, and although the U2711 doesn't have built-in speakers.


    For performance, PC enthusiasts won't be disappointed by the U2711, an IPS panel with a big native resolution is as good as it gets. While the colors aren't as in-your-face as some monitors with PVA panels, the subtlety and accuracy are to die for.

    Top drawer image fidelity is most obvious in movies. The monitor renders very realistic flesh tones. Similarly, the dark scenes in the 1080p test sequence are realized with phenomenal detail and clarity. It's enough to make most other monitors look flat and foggy.


    Fine detail isn't the U2711's only trick. It also has a ludicrously powerful backlight and excellent response for an IPS panel. It also puts on a very fine show in the Lagom test suite.


    The white saturation and color scales betray absolutely no evidence of compression. The way it handles the viewing angle image also approaches perfection.


    As for ergonomics, some will find the 27-inch diagonal noticeably more usable than a 30-inch display. Unlike a 30-incher, the edges of the screen never feel excessively distant. Consequently, you're more likely to use the full expanse when working on the desktop.

    However, it's worth noting that the black levels aren't quite as good as the best VA panels. Likewise, Dell has not been able to shake off an image artifact known as IPS glow.


    Overall, the Dell U2711 is a premium product; it delivers on nearly everything that the phrase ‘premium product’ should. Huge resolution, excellent performance in both color and movies, and a huge amount of inputs justifies its high price.