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Crocs Adrina Flat

Crocs Adrina Flat

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    • Women's Crocs Adrina Flat - Aqua/Celery Casual Shoes (11238-43P)

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    • $52.99
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  • 4.75 / 5
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      Pretty, Comfortable, Lightweight
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      No half-sizes, Needs a little lift
    Flat shoes have never been this popular. Almost everyone has two pairs or more. You could hardly find anyone at any place who doesn’t wear a pair of flats, thanks to its comfort and light weight. The Crocs Adrina Flat is a colorful pair of flats with circular design. Just like any other Crocs, the Adrina Flat is ergonomic, bacteria and odor resistant, made of Croslite material and has a contoured, orthotic foot bed. Its selling price is $39.99. The Crocs Adrina Flat has an unusual style. With its circular, transparent design and youthful colors, it won’t be a surprise if every female, young and old, would love to grab a pair of it. The whole ensemble is absolutely pretty. Although it is flat, the contoured, orthotic foot bed curves with the shape of the foot. It means, it won’t hurt the foot in anyway and would even make walking really enjoyable, although, a higher lift would also be a plus factor. It is very flexible so that the foot can bend well. Moreover, the Croslite material that is used to make it gives the Crocs Adrina Flat its cushy, comfortable and long-lasting qualities. These pair of shoes are waterproof, as well as easy to clean and dry. It can be washed in the washing machine or by hand and won’t wear out at all. Even at first glance, the Crocs Adriana Flat already displays durability and utility. This can be used anywhere and can be worn with any style of garments. There are seven attractive color combinations available. The Crocs Adrina Flat will not make the feet sweaty due to the circular holes around the flat that allow air to touch the skin of the feet. Although there are no half-sizes, the open toe gives space for the half-size. This leads to a better fit.