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BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB

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    • Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (32GB)

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  • 4 / 5
    • The good:
      fast, responsive and multitasking capabilities
    • The bad:
      small screen and needs more apps selection for download and use

    The BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB is not that much different from other tablets in the market today. However, it is a bit smaller in terms of size than other and more popular tablets out there like the iPad and Tab. And despite the market filled with tablets, the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB still has an appeal as it is a bit cheaper from then rest and quite frankly is a beauty to look at. Like the Tab and iPad, the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB has its own OS. It is powerful, smooth to use and that is a surprise considering that this is Blackberry first foray into the unknown and they managed to do it with an OS made from the ground up. In short, the OS in the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB makes it work like a laptop in terms of performance. It is also different in many ways as there is no home button in the screen. Instead, you have to use gestures to navigate around the screen. Swiping in either top, bottom, left or right will lead you to different areas of the tablet, from apps to menus and more. You might be thinking that this feature may lag or is unresponsive but is not. It works and it responds well. In fact, it feels that you will be able to move in a much faster rate as all you have to do is swipe and tap not tapping and tapping all the time. Another feature is its onscreen keyboard. It is nicely spaced and is also responsive to the touch. Like other tablets, the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB has a 5 MP camera at the back and a 3 MP camera in front. The screen is smaller than expected at 7” and has stereo speakers on the borders of the tablet. The BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB also has micro HDMI and micro USB slots. One interesting aspect of the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB is that you can sync it with your desktop computer. It doesn’t have an itunes like software but instead a preloaded installer app will be used so that you can seamlessly transfer different media files like pictures, videos and music and documents. And yes, since this is a BalckBerry product, it has a PIN ID that you can use to make a virtual drive of your device in your computer. This makes it easier and convenient to add files and documents even without taking the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB out of your bag. All in all, the BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB is a fairly more than decent tablet PC that is not Apple or Android labeled. It is fast, responsive and it feels like you are using a desktop computer or laptop due to its power and functions.