Apple iPad 2 16GB

Apple iPad 2 16GB

  • Apple iPad 2 16GB
  • Apple iPad 2 16GB

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    • Apple iPad 2 2nd generation Tablet, 1 GHz processor, 16GB, Wifi (White) (MC989LL/A)
    • Apple iPad 2 2nd generation Tablet, 1 GHz processor, 16GB, Wifi (White) (MC989LL/A)

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Apple iPad 2 16GB Review

  • 4.5 / 5
    • The good:
      One of the best tablets ever made, entertaining and useful, definitely worth its price.
    • The bad:
      Memory is not expandable, Camera resolution is poor, can be quite expensive.

    The iPad 2 is the second-generation tablet from Apple. It was released on March 2011. Although it may look like its predecessor, the iPad, the iPad 2 is an improvement of the former in terms of hardware and design. It is thinner, lighter and faster than the iPad. It is much faster than the iPad because it is equipped with the Apple A5 SoC, with a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, PoverVR SGX543MP2 graphics and boasts a system memory of 512MB RAM and an internal memory of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. The iPad 2 16GB comes in Black or White.


    It also comes with WiFi or WiFi + 3G. If you consistently have a wireless internet connection, then choosing the one with the WiFi is the one for you, however if you are always on the go and would like to still be connected online, then the WiFi + 3G is the one for you. The WiFi enables you to connect to an existing wireless internet connection and if there are no wireless connections available, you can still connect to the internet through a 3G connection. Browsing the web is easy through the built in web browser, Safari. E-mail push notifications is one of the best features of the iPad and it is still included in the iPad 2 so you can check e-mails, you can also still make a to-do list as well as set up reminders on the calendar. The iPad 2 is compatible with most iPhone applications without modifications. A big reason why Apple’s mobile products have literally changed the market is that they’re relatively easy to use. The iPad 2 is no exception, at least when you consider the software that comes pre-installed. Everything, from connecting to a WiFi hotspot to setting up your email accounts, were controlled through very intuitive interfaces that are accessible even for non-techies.


    New Features for the iPad 2 One feature that the iPad 2 has that its predecessor did not is the camera. The iPad 2 now sports 2 cameras, one in the front (secondary camera) and one in the back (primary camera). The camera can capture still photos as well as record videos. Video calling can be possible through 3rd party applications such as Skype and Viber. Storage is a big issue for the iPad since it does not offer expandable memory. However, 16GB is enough storage for someone who just wants a tablet to use while out and about, you will already be able to store a lot of applications, files, music and videos on it. It has 10 hours of battery life, even when under constant use. This is enough to keep you entertained or to check and send e-mails while you are on the go. The iPad 2 16GB is definitely one gadget that will keep you entertained and keep you connected to the online world, virtually anywhere you are.