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Android 4.0 9" Tablet

Android 4.0 9" Tablet Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      3D accelerator, long battery life, large memory space, big screen
    • The bad:
      quite expensive

    The 4.0 9 inches android Tablet is an average quality Tablet. Nonetheless, there are several unique features that this Tablet offers and would be of concern to any willing buyer.


    First of all, the general appearance is quite impressive. The Tablet has a good design and builds quality that will most definitely impress you. It is also available in a range of colours which has impressive glossy finishes. This is the kind of Tablet that you will be proud to hold in your hands since it looks good and will definitely stand out. When we look at the performance of this android tablet it is also quite impressive. The Tablet uses Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.


    For most people this is an operating system that they are using since there are so many android phones that use the same operating. The functionality and efficiency of the Tablet using this operating system is also quite impressive. The Tablet would be able to compete favourably with other Tablets of the same class. You can be able to run quite a number of tasks at the same time without having small problems such as hanging or the Tablet running hot. In fact this Tablet runs very quietly and doesn’t heat.


    The cooling fans are very effective and you wouldn’t feel the heat no matter how many tasks you are running. This android 4.0 9inch Tablet also offers great user experience. This latest android OS that the Tablet uses is very user friendly and you will most definitely enjoy the functionality. Apart from this, you will get great experience chatting and socializing with friends and relatives using a number of platforms. These platforms are such like Skype, MSN, IM tool as well as Google+. This Tablet is great for communication and socializing and this is one of its strongest functionalities. One of the greatest concerns when purchasing a Tablet is the weight.


    Ideally, a Tablet is supposed to be very light so as to increase portability. This is exactly what the Android 4.0 Tablet offers. With its extra-slim design, this Tablet is very light and you can easily carry it to any place. You can carry and use the Tablet for very many hours without feeling the fatigue in your hands. The Tablet has Wi-Fi connectivity and you can connect to the internet and browse at any time and place. Furthermore, you can listen to music and watch videos all day long on this Android Tablet.


    The Tablet has enough memory to hold a good number of music videos and movies. The screen is also large as well as having 3D accelerator. This means that the Tablet is able to boost image quality so that you can have very high quality images. The 3D accelerator also enables the Tablet to support a number of 3D games which is a big plus for it.

  • Product description
    • The Android 4.0 9" Tablet was added in December 2014 in the Tablets section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5