Console Accessories

Welcome to our console accessories section. Whether you’re looking to improve your gaming experience, customize your controllers or trying to find an adapter, this is the place for you! For those looking for Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 controllers, you’ll find not only the basic model that came with the console, but a huge variety of different editions and colors, especially for the Wii, since there are games that are played better with different control models. If you’re looking to improve your performance, we have arcade joysticks, driving ... View more wheels and controllers designed for FPS games. They’ll give you an edge, especially when playing these games online, since they require precise movements. To also enhance your online experience, there are Headsets for all platforms that will improve your communication with your teammates. There are game cards for those that want to buy games from the Xbox Live and the Playstation Store without using their credit cards directly. But if you just want to make your console or controller look better, there are different faceplates that will enable you to customize your Xbox or PS3 controller and make it look completely different. The portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita are susceptible to falls and scratches, so it’s always good to find a nice case to carry them around, and if you want even more, there are different power supplies and memory cards to make sure you won’t lose your progress! Some accessories are compatible with your PC, so you won’t need to buy different products, and will be able to enjoy your computers games as well. Shopbot has plenty of expert reviews and buying guides to help you making the best choice. Don’t hesitate to read them before buying! ... View less