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Christmas Gifts

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    1. Ahoy There!
    2. Ahoy There!

      Perfect for the shower, these scrubby delights will bring a refreshing burst of sea-inspired goodness to any bathing ritual. Ocean Salt is packed... Ahoy There!

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    4. $17.95
    1. All The Best
    2. All The Best

      Brighten up a special someone"s day with this cheerful gift filled with five of our best-selling inventions! Designed to cleanse, soften and scent... All The Best

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    4. $38.95
    1. Bella Fruta
    2. Bella Fruta

      Strawberries, mangoes, bananas, oh my! We"re paying homage to all things fruity with this gorgeous gift designed to leave you feeling fresh and... Bella Fruta

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    4. $35.95
    1. Blooming Beautiful
    2. Blooming Beautiful

      Put some spring in someone"s step with this gorgeous duo of floral treats for the tub! Meant to evoke feelings of a springtime stroll through a... Blooming Beautiful

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    4. $16.95
    1. Buttercup
    2. Buttercup

      This beautiful box makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Two of our all-time, best-selling products come together to delight the skin and senses:... Buttercup

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    4. $14.95
    1. Butterfly
    2. Butterfly

      Transform your skin with this hydrating super-duo. The decadent, rose-scented Ro"s Argan Body Conditioner and the creamy, fruity Sultana of Soap... Butterfly

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    4. $14.95
    1. Cosmic
    2. Cosmic

      Inspired by the stars, this gorgeous gift will leave any bather shining bright. Our Rock Star soap is a chart-topping, candy-sweet sudser that will... Cosmic

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    4. $16.95
    1. Dirty Perfume Gift
    2. Dirty Perfume Gift

      Open up this 4-pack gift set to find our body spray, perfume, soap and shower gel all designed to leave you smelling fresh, sophisticated and... Dirty Perfume Gift

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    4. $59.95
    1. Great Balls of Bicarb
    2. Great Balls of Bicarb

      We"ve included our top five biggest, best-selling Bath Bombs in this one! Lift your mood with Avobath, which contains zingy lemongrass and... Great Balls of Bicarb

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    4. $38.95
    1. Happy Bathday
    2. Happy Bathday

      For a birthday, graduation, wedding or doing a good deed, every day can be a bathday! You don"t need a reason to celebrate with this gift. Filled... Happy Bathday

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    4. $48.95
    1. Happy Daze
    2. Happy Daze

      Inspired by 1960"s pop and psychedelia, Happy Daze includes four colorful bath goodies that will turn tub time into a blissfully bright experience.... Happy Daze

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    4. $29.95
    1. Hello Gorgeous
    2. Hello Gorgeous

      The six luxurious inventions inside this beautiful gift are designed to make the recipient feel absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. After lifting... Hello Gorgeous

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    4. $45.95
    1. HomCom Decorative Lighted Holiday Reindeer
    2. HomCom Decorative Lighted Holiday Reindeer

      Light up your holiday season with this beautifully lighted LED Christmas Reindeer. This eye catching piece will surely bring you and your guest"s... HomCom Decorative Lighted Holiday Reindeer

    3. $145.00
    1. Honey
    2. Honey

      Make life a little sweeter for someone special with this thoughtful gift full of luscious honey products, wrapped up with a lovely organic cotton... Honey

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    4. $49.95
    1. I Only Have Eyes For You
    2. I Only Have Eyes For You

      Quite possibly our most luxurious gift of the bunch, I Only Have Eyes For You is loaded with a deluxe selection. Start with this gift and your... I Only Have Eyes For You

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    4. $50.95
    1. In Your Dreams
    2. In Your Dreams

      Open up this gift and envision your dashing Prince sweeping you away on his trusty unicorn until that moment when he finally leans in for the kiss!... In Your Dreams

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    4. $23.95
    1. Karma Perfume Gift
    2. Karma Perfume Gift

      Spicy and citrusy, Karma is our signature scent. Perfumer, Mark Constantine, created this ode to hippies, head shops and the ‘70s music scene... Karma Perfume Gift

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    4. $79.95
    1. Lots Of Love
    2. Lots Of Love

      We"ve created the perfect gift to spoil the one you love. The heart-studded paper hides seven luxurious bath and body products on the inside. It... Lots Of Love

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    4. $59.95
    1. LUSH Legends
    2. LUSH Legends

      If you want a gift to ‘wow" them, stupefy and mystify them- then you can"t go wrong with a LUSH Legends. The ultimate in LUSH luxury, LUSH... LUSH Legends

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    4. $249.95
    1. LUSH Life
    2. LUSH Life

      Fairly traded honey from Zambia, hand-harvested aloe from Kenya, Fair Trade olive oil from an Israeli/Palestine women's collective... Not only has... LUSH Life

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    4. $154.95
    1. LUSHious
    2. LUSHious

      All things bright and beautiful are packed into this gorgeous gift for the ultimate in indulgence. We"ve carefully selected eight handmade items to... LUSHious

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    4. $59.95
    1. POP
    2. POP

      Know someone who REALLY loves taking baths? We"ve created this gift especially for them! When they pop open the lid on this colorful hatbox,... POP

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    4. $72.95
    1. Ray of Sunshine
    2. Ray of Sunshine

      If grey clouds are looming in someone's life, brighten them up with a ray of sunshine. Our shower box of warmth, comfort and delightful scents has... Ray of Sunshine

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    4. $29.95
    1. Relax
    2. Relax

      Know someone who could use some serious relaxation? Simply hand over a Relax gift, and watch their stress begin to melt away instantly. We"ve... Relax

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    4. $28.95
    1. Rosie
    2. Rosie

      When we do rose, we go all out with the real thing! This sophisticated gift contains five of our rosiest indulgences, choc-full of rose petals,... Rosie

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    4. $36.95
    1. Shiny Happy People
    2. Shiny Happy People

      Transform moody morning people into shiny, happy people with this gift of sunny, citrus delights. A single shower is all it takes to get pepped up... Shiny Happy People

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    4. $26.95
    1. Solid Perfume Gift
    2. Solid Perfume Gift

      With three of our most popular solid perfumes inside one box, you don"t have to choose a favorite. Karma"s distinct patchouli, orange and pine... Solid Perfume Gift

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    4. $39.95
    1. Splash!
    2. Splash!

      Perhaps the ideal gift would be a trip to a tropical paradise, but when that"s not in the books, Splash! Is a perfect alternative. Filled with five... Splash!

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    4. $39.95
    1. Sugar Sugar
    2. Sugar Sugar

      Give your honey some sugar, sugar! This scrumptious collection of seven sugary treats is meant for those who love sparkles, candy and all things... Sugar Sugar

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    4. $57.95
    1. The Art Of Bathing
    2. The Art Of Bathing

      A masterpiece of a gift for fans of truly indulgent baths, featuring 15 of our most popular bathing products. Whether you want a full-on bubbly... The Art Of Bathing

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    4. $117.95
    1. The Sweetest Thing
    2. The Sweetest Thing

      Life doesn"t get much sweeter than this! A trio of our candy-sweet pink and purple treats will bring a smile to anyone"s face. Bubblegum Lip Scrub... The Sweetest Thing

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    4. $24.95
    1. The Whole Fruit
    2. The Whole Fruit

      Get your strawberries, mangoes, bananas, kiwis, figs, and lemons here! This cheery basket is filled with ten delights to help you feel just... The Whole Fruit

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    4. $89.95
    1. Tickled Pink
    2. Tickled Pink

      Lift the lid on this cherry blossom box and discover the awesome power of pink! Thirteen of our pinkest delights for the bath, body and shower are... Tickled Pink

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    4. $109.95
    1. Toucan Love
    2. Toucan Love

      This is the perfect gift for lovebirds (or Toucans, rather) young and old! Inside this adorable box, you'll find two limited edition Valentine"s... Toucan Love

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    4. $14.95
    1. True Romance
    2. True Romance

      If you're looking to make a big impression this Valentine's Day, True Romance is the gift for you! We've included our entire limited edition... True Romance

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    4. $99.95
    1. Tutti Fruiti
    2. Tutti Fruiti

      Orange you glad we put the whole fruit in? Bright, refreshing and bursting with fruity goodness, Happy Hippy shower gel is packed with fresh pink... Tutti Fruiti

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    4. $16.95
    1. Two Hearts
    2. Two Hearts

      Forget flowers and chocolates; we've handpicked five indulgences that are guaranteed to keep the romance alive long after Valentine"s Day has come... Two Hearts

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    4. $39.95
    1. Wonderful You
    2. Wonderful You

      Show someone how wonderful you think they are with this collection of indulgent products for the shower and body in a bright and beautiful box.... Wonderful You

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    4. $89.95
    1. Yes
    2. Yes

      Make that special someone say "yes, yes, YES!" with this sensual and flirtatious parcel! Twist open its unique and colorful origami-style box to... Yes

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    4. $45.95
    1. You're A Star
    2. You're A Star

      This gift is lavish from the inside out and it"s just what you need to make anyone feel like a star. Nine of our best-loved delights come together... You're A Star

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    4. $79.95